Su Yung vs Gabrielle Arce

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(Women’s Singles Match, Grudge Match, No Referee, Controversial Ending, Asian)

Gabrielle Arce challenges Asian Su Yung to a matchup in “I’m Better Than You”, feeling she’s nowhere close to her level! Naturally Su disputes this, feeling she can take out Gabrielle as easy as she believes she can beat Su! Which woman is right? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

After a few early strength challenges that find Gabrielle to her surprise outmatched including an impromptu arm wrestling match, things settle down to a more normal wrestling match and it’s a highly physical one! Lots of harsh blows are seen from each wrestler as they try and prove to the other that they are the better woman! Who proves themselves to be truly the best? The loser of this match is not at all happy!

Intense match with lots of pride on the line for both!


Armdrag Takedowns, Arm Wrestling, Bionic Elbows, Bulldog, Choking (Boot Choke Knee Choke & Three-Quarter Nelson Choke), Corner Clothesline, Curb Stomp, Face Grinding, Front Bodyscissor, Forearms, Hairpull Takedown, Mat Face Slam, Side Headlock, Stomping, Surfboard Stretch, Waistlocks, Wristlock 10 minutes

(Shot in 4K)